Necessity is the mother of invention.

  Since I was a kid I've been repairing things and making things. As a dyslexic, It's only natural that when something is broken or whenever I need anything that's impossible or difficult to acquire, I often make it myself.  Those who know me, understand and they know how I go to extremes order to create things and to make things work.  The way I make music is very different and may seem and strange but I'm just doing whatever must be done to make original and good sounding music.

  Listening to and making music is a powerful form of anti-stress therapy to me by way of healing frequencies and sounds.  Sounds effect humans in so many different ways, good and bad. That's why so many of us love music so much.  After surviving cancer, strong chemotherapy and radiation that left me depressed and sick for years, and also living with pain for a long time, I've learned to appreciate music more than ever, especially music with healing sounds.  Music has helped save my life and it's one of the reasons I make music now.  

  I like the versatility of the Q-Chord. It's a bit tricky to play but it's an amazing instrument that produces beautiful unique sounds and has the ability to bend pitch!   I've used mine to do some interesting instrumentals but I knew my music needed something more.  My rough old voice is not what the music needs.  The most beautiful sound in the world is a woman's soft voice, especially in music.  It's not easy to find someone like that who's willing to help a madman make strange music. So I kept experimenting at making sound effects, trying to create anything that would sound good with the music and I came up with lots of strange and cool sound effects.  Then one day I discovered that I actually had everything necessary to create something new and completely different.  This sound effect is one of the oddest things I've ever had to make. A musical robot character with a unique voice to go with my strange instrumentals. Like an instrument, a variable sound effect. Voltina the robot didn't have to be a real singer but needed have a good voice for soft ghostly vocals etc.  It's all about combining all the right frequencies and sounds to create the right atmosphere in the music.   I was born to make things. Now I make music too.  Voltina the robot is an odd sound effect but just another thing that had to be done.

A few samples of some odd things  I've made over the years

Squelcho Sparx - Robot head

Cab for a truck and many other parts

Historic Reenactment equipment

Wood carving

100s of caps and hats

Stone carving and ancient styled art

Many types of garments

Many types of unique items

Armor, gauntlets, swords, etc.

Armor and helmets

Art and Oil  paintings

Repousse - Embossed Metal

Viking inspired Brass & Copper Art

Mixed Media


Musical Robot Voltina

Always making something strange


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