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Circuitry and Soul Music  

  Mood Control Music - Down Tempo - Unconventional - Emotionally Provocative
Stylishly Strange - Soundtrack - Cinematic - Dark - Melancholic - Experimental

Mysterious melodies, Dramatic atmospheres, healing frequencies and positive vibes.  It's good for you!

Music to capture your attention and trigger various inner emotions and feelings through enjoyable sounds.

 After doing artwork since childhood, naturally I had to start experimenting with sound too. Now creating music has become my passion.  
I'm not a musician/performer, I'm basically a musical experimenter/explorer, a composer/producer, a mood expression technician.  
 I mainly use a MIDI keyboard with virtual instruments and sometimes a Q-Chord.  The Instrumentals are mixed with other unique sounds.  
Some sound effects are made by manipulating metal, glass, voice etc, to create strange electronic effects, voices and ghostly background vocals.  Some tracks are upbeat while others fill the air with dark atmosphere.  I've always liked movie soundtracks and emotionally powerful music from any country or time.  I think music is many things but it will always be mysterious, desirable and healing.  Music is such a magical form of human expression.  Music is something we choose to share with  those who choose to listen.  Music can effect mood and emotion in so many ways.

The music is influenced and inspired by many things, life, death, love, desire, curiosity, the unknown, paranormal, supernatural, science, time, space, ancient times, feelings, reality, full moons, and much more.  Being a dyslexic artist, I naturally compose slightly unconventional music so expect the unexpected.

I'm working on getting some of my music into film, tv, etc, through commercial sync-licensing.  

Circuitry and Soul is available on MP3s at CD Baby and by downloads through  iTunes, Spotify and more!

 Hope you'll enjoy!


Strange Music

Circuitry and Soul music is composed, played and produced by Brent A Berry.

About Circuitry and Soul music.      Circuitry and Soul on SoundCloud

Hans Zimmer says you must break the rules of music to move forward!   Bjork says there are no rules to making music!
This freedom is a powerful magic option for a dyslexic music maker!  

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