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 Electronic - Down Tempo - Dark - Unconventional - Emotionally Provocative Music - Expect The Unexpected

Stylishly Strange, Tastefully dramatic, Soundtrack or Sound-scape-like, Cinematic, Melancholic, Moody, Humorous,

 Music with dramatic atmospheres, healing frequencies and positive vibes.  Music to capture your attention, hold you and awaken your inner emotions and feelings.  

 After doing artwork for years in various different mediums I naturally had to eventually start experimenting with sound.  Now making music is my passion.  I'm not a musician a musical experimenter / craftsman / composer.  Being extremely dyslexic, my brain uses spatial reasoning by default so I compose and arrange music in a different way.  I mix strange Instrumentals with various strangely appropriate sounds.  Some sounds are made by manipulating metal, glass, voice and other sounds to create unique musical sounds.

 Many tracks feature the unique voice and ghostly backgrounds vocals of Voltina Sparx, aka Voltina the Robot, aka Sound Effect.  
Some tracks are upbeat and fun while others fill the air with atmospheres that evoke inner emotions and feelings.  I've always loved movie soundtracks and sounds capes so the music reflects that.  This music is influenced and inspired by many things, life, death, love, desire, curiosity, the unknown, paranormal, supernatural, science, space, ancient times, full moons, and much more.  

Music can effect mood and emotion in so many ways.  

Hope you'll enjoy!

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Symphonic - Soundtrack - Instrumental

Experimental  - Soundtrack - Instrumental

Slow Jazz Blues - Soundtrack - Instrumental


Moody - Soundtrack - Instrumental

Ambient music with rain

Moody with beats - Soundtrack - Instrumental

Instrumental with beats - Soundtrack

Slow moody down tempo music - Soundtrack

Slow Moody Music with Beats - Soundtrack

Dark Experimental Mood- Soundtrack - Instrumental

Dark mysterious soundtrack styled music

Upbeat Jazzy Styled - Instrumental

Dark moody - Soundtrack

Dark Moody Down Tempo

Ancient Humor - Beats and voice - Experimental Fun

Dark movie soundtrack, cinematic styled music

Strange Experimental Electronic Music

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About Circuitry and Soul music.


Some Circuitry and Soul music art

I used some of my brass and copper repousse work in the Ancient Groove cover art.

The amazing mysterious Voltina the Robot -  "Do It Slow"  cover art  -  Antje

"Lonely Robot" cover art  -  An awakening of emotional circuitry  - Antje

"Fixing Voltina's Elbow" cover art  -  Girl Robot Repair - Sensitive!    Antje!

Variation Circuitry and Soul Vegvisir / Nordic Guidance Symbol
Derived from my 2006 brass repousse piece "Nordic Guidance"

Completely Unreal and Totally Insane  -  Robot and Madman  -  Circuitry and Soul


Special thanks to talented artist Antje for transforming into so many characters in the art.  Almudena

I use and recommend Presonus and Native Instruments, creators of amazing products and software.   Magic at your fingertips!


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