Denver Prints
Daniels and Fisher Tower

 Denver's  D & F Tower   
Daniels and Fisher Tower  (1920's period)

The original of this Denver landmark was done in pencil and watercolor.
They are printed  on heavy acid free stock.
Each print is hand signed and numbered in a series of 1000.

The image is:  20  5/8"  X  14  3/8" with a 1" border,  Total size  is 22 5/8"  X  16 3/8"

 This building was completed in 1911 and opened for business as Daniels and Fisher Department Store in 1912. Its on the North-East corner of 16th street and Arapahoe in downtown Denver. Its design was inspired by the tower of Campanile in Venice.   The D & F Tower was the tallest building in Denver at the time and Buffalo Bill complained that it blocked the view of the mountains. It has always been a landmark known to all who have lived or visited Denver.  Over the years the building was owned by several people and was purchased by the May company, then becoming the May D & F store. In 1958 May D & F moved to a new location and the building then became the Tower Merchandise Mart but in 1965 was closed and in 1971 the main part of the building was demolished.  In 1980 when the tower was being restored, an urn containing the ashes of  W.C. Daniels was discovered hidden inside one of the walls, his wish I'm sure!  The lonely tower still stands proud today and has been declared an historic landmark and still serves as a home to several businesses.