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The Navarre

The Navarre

The Navarre

This old building was the home of Denver's most mysterious Bordello.

   The Navarre was built in 1880 as the Brinker Collegiate Institute but later became the Richelieu Hotel and then in 1904 it was remodeled and reopened as the Navarre, a restaurant with gambling and hookers. It is located at 1727 Tremont Street, across from the famous Brown Palace. There was an underground  tunnel with rail tracks that went from the Brown Palace to the Navarre so that businessmen could visit the ladies without being seen entering the building!  A sealed up entrance with rail tracks has been found in the basement of the Navarre and there have been 100's of references to the tunnel and its use over the years.  This print represents the Navarre as it was around the turn of the century (1904). It has been the home of several businesses over the years including the Museum of Western Art.

 The original was pencil and watercolor. Printed in an edition of 1000.   
Size 14" X 19 3/4"  no border,  Printed on quality heavy acid free stock.


A photo of the Navarre as it looks today.