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Thoughts about dyslexia, art and music

I learned a few years ago that I'm extremely dyslexic, and I've recently learned exciting new info about dyslexia.  

Being extremely dyslexic, I've naturally developed alternative skills to compensate.  I always had real difficulties with text and numbers. It was a disaster in school except for art and metal-work classes.  I often felt like there was something very wrong with me because I struggled so hard to do what everyone around me seemed do so easily.  I just couldn't understand why, I tried so hard but it was impossible for me.
No one knew what the problem was back then but now I know it was and is dyslexia.  It used to be considered a learning disability but recent research has had learned some new things and dyslexia is now believed by many to be a gift.  Not for reading, writing or math, but for creating, spatial reasoning and perception, the ability to see of the big picture of things, and out of the box thinking, problem solving and more.  

The dyslexic brain is wired differently than the non-dyslexic brain.  Not a defect, but a variation. According to new studies and research, it is now thought that dyslexia may have some advantages.  These new discoveries have answered so many questions about dyslexia and my past struggles and constant awkwardness.  Now I am actually proud to dyslexic!  With this new understanding, so many things about my odd way of thinking makes perfect sense to me now.  No wonder I've evolved in the odd way I have!  It's so easy to imagine, design and build things yet so difficult to read or write about the same things.  Probably why I'm a terrible salesman and a starving artist.

It's a shame to only learn this now that I'm older, after struggling with it my whole life. But at least I understand it better now.  And with the new info about dyslexia getting out, now maybe kids with dyslexia will soon be better understood by teachers and treated more fairly by the education system.  There is much more to learn but now there are new ways to explore dyslexia and the brain.   
For me, I'll continue to experimenting to create new things. Lately it's been strange new music.  Dyslexic music!  
Now I understand more why my art has always been so odd too.  Dyslexia!

Some famous dyslexic people: Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Pablo Picasso, The Wright Brothers, Jules Verne, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Werner Von Braun, Albert Einstein and many more.

Recommended Dyslexia Info Links:

The True Gifts of a Dyslexic Mind  Dean Bragonier speaks about living with dyslexia and shares facts about dyslexia. TEDx Talks

The gift of dyslexia   John Stein, Explains many things about dyslexia and creativity.

Dyslexia An Unwrapped Gift  Interesting thoughts about how dyslexic people fit in the world of the future. by Silva Productions

DyslexicAdvantage  Dyslexic Advantage, one of the world's largest online communities for dyslexia.

Some older drawings, doodles and later art that probably show signs of dyslexic thinking .

Auto Junk Yard - age 13

Robot head - 15 years old

Time Machine - age 15

Strange doodle, done before discovering the art of M. C. Escher

Various imagined flying machines, for fun.

Electronic Skull

Pencil drawing of Denver's Daniel's and Fisher Tower, before watercoloring.

The mad scientist at work, always working on something new!

Sqelcho Sparx, grandfather of Voltina Sparx.  A simple mechanical head with moving eyes, turning head, speaker etc.

Hand embossed brass repousse of Denver's Brown Palace Hotel.  A lot of work!!!

Complete Control, About human's connection to electronics.

Schematic, We are complicate!   Full Size Image

Various hand embossed copper and brass works of Viking inspired art

Circuitry and Soul - Human and electronics merged together into one entity

The dyslexic mind at work.

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