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The Colorado Historic Society's Oct - 07 tour at Riverside Cemetery was honored by a visit from the  Model A Ford Club of Colorado.  What a nice bunch of people and what great photo opportunity!  
I love old cars and I like manipulating these kinds of photos to resemble original photos from that period  The folks own these vehicles are a special breed, dedicated to preserving an important part of American history.

 I took a lot of photos that day but these are some of my favourite's.

Could be a mobster funeral!

This car was yellow but I thought plain old black looked good too!

Machine Art!


Ready for anything!

Simple yet classic!

The best traffic to be stuck in!

Back when cars had character...

There is more to transportation than just getting from point A to point B.
It is the style in which you arrive!

Last ride

A lonely road

Gangsters welcome too!

Mr Colorado!  Tom Noel

Even Victorian girls like old cars!

Charla Stilling, Author : Freelance Writer : Speaker : Historian

Natural beauties!

Different flavors!

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