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1800's to WWII

Photos from the Cardwell, Andersen- Anderson, Robinson, Pearson, Evans and Lester families

Cardwell brothers in the 1930's

 Uncle Thurman, Floyd's brother

Pearson's, from mom's side of the family


Bill, Hazel Harry, Dena (1) and Sarah Robinson

Bill Robinson

Dena Robinson (1)
My Great grandmother

Harry Evans and Dena Robinson (1) 1909

Dena (1) 1920's
Dena also named her daughter Dena.

Rebecca Ann Lester married James C Andersen

Herschel Inman driving a locomotive

James Christian Andersen
born in 1874.  His father Neils Andersen emmigrated from Denmark to the U.S. around 1869.  He married Ane Hansen in 1870.

Early bikers

Grandma Cardwell 1920's

Leo and Dena Anderson "Pete" 1920's
(Pete was Dena's daughter, also named Dena)

Leo and Pete (Dena) Anderson 1920's

Floyd Cardwell Sr. 1920's

Leo Anderson and Pete (Dena 2)
holding baby Leah, 1927

Great aunt Dorothy, born in 1925

Oliver, Jim and Leah Anderson during the depression

Leah about  1930)

Don and Leah

Leah and brothers

Leah and Chop

Oliver and Jim

Leah in about 1940

Pete and Chop

Hard times

Leo Anderson
Leo started spelling Andersen with an "o" instead of an "e" sometime in the 1940's and from that time on it was Anderson.


Pete (Dena 2)
She married Leo Anderson


Aunt Dorothy and friend

Floyd and brother

Floyd installing a fence

Floyd sometime in the 1940's

Floyd and friend on So Broadway in Englewood

Floyd and Pals in the early 1940's in downtown Englewood

Uncle Lowell Cardwell


Uncle Jim Anderson, me and my sister Chris

My car at Big Chief Bottling Co. Denver Colorado

WWII Period





 Oliver and Jim Anderson

Jim, Chop and Ollie 1940's

Jim Anderson

Leah and friends

and no one was killed!