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About Bjork's Influence
    Late one night Sept 2003, I had been working on the computer and was real tired. The TV had been left on and it was playing some strange music, I was too tired to get up and turn it off so I turned my chair and just sat there and watched as I thought to myself,  Who is that?  what is she doing?  did she mean to do that?  what is that dress?  she's pretty!  is that a Nordic tattoo on her arm?  did she just say what I think she said?  Hey! She's good!   I like her voice, and she sings with so much passion and emotion! .... Who the Hell is that?       It was Björk.   
 A video still from Bjork at the Royal Opera House in London 2003

  That was the first time I'd heard of Björk.  After listened to more, I found that her music gave me new energy.  I couldn't relate her or her music to anything I had ever seen or heard before, yet something about it sounded better to me than anything I'd heard in a long time.  I could hardly believe that anyone could make music sound so good by going about it the way she does!  

  This happened at a time when I had done almost no artwork for over  6 years and  I was feeling pretty bad about it. I was recovering from a serious health treatment and I needed to keep a positive state of mind so that I could stay strong and recover. I needed to do my art for therapeutic reasons too, but I wasn't and I felt like was going to die!  I was depressed and couldn't seem to keep the fear of dying out of my head. This fear was inside me every day, I just couldn't clear my mind and relax. I wanted so much to create new things but I had lost my will to create and I could not get it back.  My future seemed lost to me.

  Then came Bjork!   From the first time I heard her music, I knew it was unique and honest.  She breaks so many of the traditional boundaries of what most people think of as music and still makes masterpieces.  Björk's music gives pure listening satisfaction and somehow I instantly felt a strange connection!  She made me feel proud to be an artist and at the same time made me feel really ashamed that I was not doing any art!   The combination of Hearing her music, seeing her perform, remembering I can do art and being ashamed, all motivated me!  It started slowly but it grew fast and the next thing I knew, I was drawing, painting and wanting to do metalwork again!  It was all Bjork relate stuff because it was her who had gotten me motivated.  I needed something extreme to distract me from my troubles long enough to let me think and become myself again.  

  One of Isobel's moths has crossed my path and distracted me.  If I had never heard her music, I think my will to do art would have died and possibly me too!   In a way, Bjork is my Guardian Angel or at least my Guardian Angel of art!   Her music has given me the push I needed and reminds me to keep an open mind. For this, I am forever thankful!  How could I not do Bjork art after all this!

This was my first exposure to Bjork and the first time I saw a vegvisir.
 "Isobel"   at the Royal Opera House

First impressions are lasting ones!

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