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Brass Vegvisir - repousse
Brass repousse  Vegvisir (Viking Compass)
This Vegvisir is made of thin Hand embossed Brass, (Repoussé)
   It's 6" in diameter with a tarnished patina surface and is covered with a protective finish to preserve its appearance. I added a piece of Iolite to the center of the vegvisir .  Iolite was a gem used by Vikings to find North during cloudy weather. When Iolite is cut into a proper cube, it shows different colors from different directions. It was this property called "pleochroism" that helped the Vikings to find the direction in overcast weather. It is said that the Vikings mined it from Iolite quarries in Greenland and Norway.

Brass Vegvisir d.jpg

2015 - There is new research and information about the Vegvisir and other symbols and runes  HERE on Justin Foster's excellent page.   Lot's of new info there!!!  A must see for anyone interested this mysterious symbol.

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