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Art and music inspired by Bjork's music

Bjork Art - Nordic Guidance

I call this Bjork Art, a form of Bjork fan art.  I started doing these shortly after hearing Bjork's music for the first time.  I hope she won't mind me calling it Bjork art.  The true definition of Björk art is Björk's music!    

I don't know a lot about Bjork but I know her music.  I have a lot of respect for what she does and the way she does it.  I love Bjork's music and her originality, and I sometimes make things to express that.  Bjork's music was the inspiration for these images and metal works.    Music and art is what it's about!   At a time when I thought I was near my end, Bjork's. music gave me distraction, enjoyment, perspective, strength, influence and inspiration!  Believe it or not, Bjork music helped give me another chance at life.   The first things I did were not very creative but they were a way for me to get back to doing my art again. They were inspired by her songs, her musical and artistic nature and her creative uniqueness.

Bjork Digital Art

Vegvisr in gold 2004

Bj÷rk's  birthplace 2004

Isobel 2005

Bjork Chocolates 2004

Hypnotized 2005

Missing Elements 2005

Bjork Pops 2005

Bjork, Truth of me 2005

Bjork alien in a ufo 2006

Bjork, Toward the unknown 2006

Knotwork Vegvisir 2006

Healing Vegvisir 2006

Bjork light 2006

Bjorkvisir 2006

Bjokaliens 2007

Alien Bjork 2007

Bjork- Red Rocks 2007

Bjork CD Cover 2007

A few simple watercolors and drawings.

Bjork, watercolor 2004

Barefoot dancer

V÷kur­ 2004

Bjorknot, Bjorks hair 2006

Celtic Christmas Bjork 2004

Repousse Bjork Art
 Repoussé is the ancient art of embossing or pressing shapes into metal to create a design.  The design is drawn on a piece of metal and then a variety of tools are used to form different shape into the metal. Some shapes are hammered in and some are done with hand pressure and tools.  The design is worked into the metal from both sides a little at a time.  The metal is not forgiving so if a mistake is made it's usually permanent.   After the tool work is done I use volcanic pumice, acids and polish to finish the surface.  They take a while to do but it's worth it when they come out right, although they're never perfect.  

Brass Bjork 2004
Bjork in Brass

Brass Vegvisir 2004
Brass Vegvisir

Electric Kiss, Bjork Robots 2004
Electric Kiss

Wind in my sail, Bjorks influence 2004

Wind in my sail

Viking compass 2004
Engraved Vegvisir

Bjork - Wind in her hair 2004
Wind in her hair

Nordic Guidance 2006
Nordic Guidance

Why Bjork art?

  When I first started doing all this in 2004, I was so excited about doing artwork again that I wasn't thinking of anything else.  This began  because Bjork's music inspired me but now I realize how overboard I've gone.  I've always had a habit taking things I like to the extreme.  This could be seen as adoration but it's just me expressing myself with art as usual.  

 I understand how sensitive creativity can be and how easily it can be effected by others.  Art and music are often personal and I wouldn't want any of this to have a negative effect in any way.  I'll continue to do art inspired by Björk and Bjork fan art but now it's time for my art to evolve and grow.   Her music has given inspiration and made life better. The girl with the compass will always influence my art.  


  I haven't been doing much hand embossed metalwork lately.  Pain in my wrist has been making it increasingly difficult to use the tools.  Even trying to draw can be painful if I make the wrong move.  It's frustrating.  I have no choice but to turn to doing more digital art.  It's not the same as making physical things but it still allows me to express myself in a visual form.  It's still rewarding when the images turn out as desired so that's good enough for me.  I would love to do more repoussé but it looks like I may be going digital, at least for now.  

2008 and later

Dancing with Aurora

2014 - Music inspired by Bjork - It's about time!  

10 Years after discovering Bjork's music, I'm finally starting to experiment at making music too.  
Since 2003  Bjork's music has inspired me to do art again, helped save my life, given me years of great music and has finally inspired me to actully take steps towards making my own music.  If not for Bjork opening my mind, NONE of this would have ever happened, my art, this site, the music.  I would not even be alive.  That's the truth!  I wish there was a way to say thanks.  

I'm an artist, not a musician.  This music is experimental and amateur but it is driven by true and strong passion.   I'm now experiment with music as "Circuitry and Soul" a name inspired by something Bjork once said about putting soul into the circuitry. ;-)

Every track isn't inspired directly by Bjork but if not for her music none of my music would exist.
Thanks for the inspiration Bjork!  :-)  

The Vegvisir

Viking Compass, Direction Finder,

Bjork Art - Brent Berry Arts
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Thanks Bjork!

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