Brent Berry Arts

Poems & Songs inspired by Bjork

OK, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a poet or song writer but I do sing in the shower.  
For every action, is a reaction and for every song, there are reflected thoughts.
 I like to express my thoughts with visual art but sometimes you need to put things in words.  

Lady in the radio

Out of my radio comes a song,
  something I've needed for oh so long.
Wraps its self around my mind,
  how could I ever have been so blind
Gives me hope and shows me the light,
  it feels so good it must be right.
Shows me that there's more to life
  than pain and struggle, doubt and strife.
Sooths my mind and calms me down,
  its strange and different, I love the sound.
It comes at a time when I need it the most,
  reincarnates my artistic ghost.
All that I thought I was sure I knew,
  has changed in my mind because of you.
You take from me nothing and give so much,
  you inspire me with your musical touch.


 I live by the mountains she lives by the Sea
  and I know she'll never know of me.
I'm sure we're as different as day and night
  but she's helping me learn to see the light.
She speaks directly to my mind,
  her message so positive, thoughtful and kind.
Her songs reach out as a helping touch,
  and gives me the strength I need so much.
She shines like a flame from the land of ice
  and her music is seasoned with lots of spice.
It comes from her heart as I know it must
  and she fills the minds of men with lust.
There's more to Bjork than we'll ever see
  so she'll always remain a mystery to me.
She only has given me a just a bit
  but I'm now completely addicted to it.
I am not like most of her following fans
  yet somehow she's  put me under her trance.
I don't really mind if she does you see,
  so let her continue to inspire me.


Walking down the path of life I somehow lost my way.
I came across a girl in red, she seemed to know the way.

I stopped along the dusty road to watch her for a while .
I listened to her lovely song and gazed into her smile.

The words she sang confused at first, I wondered what she meant.
But after listening for a while it seemed that she'd been sent.

She spoke of truth of life and love in such a different way.
The words she spoke effected me but how its hard to say.

There seems to be message here, she seems to be so wise.
The more I look the more I see I'm captured by her eyes.

She took my hand and walked a while and calmed me with her charm.
I followed her because she had a compass on her arm.

We walked a while and as she spoke I listened with my heart.
But all at once she disappeared, the time had come to part.

As I looked back and waved at her, I thought I heard her say.
Continue on along the path, your heart will guide the way.

Don't be misled by logic now, instinct will be your guide.
For all you need to find your way is hidden deep inside.

The Bjork made me do it

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