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Music for people who like something a bit different, strange or slightly dark.

Chill-out, Cinematic, Down-Tempo, Dark Ambient, Dark Jazz and Free Form

 Experimental, mysterious, upbeat, suspenseful, tense, eerie, strange and more.
 Mood altering atmospheres, odd healing frequencies and unique positive vibes.

Satisfy your musical curiosity for something new and interesting.  
Experience the cool vibes and moody atmospheres of this music.

Circuitry and Soul music is available on iTunes, Spotify and most major music outlets.

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 I'm sorry I don't have an interactive page as many artists do.  As an extreme dyslexic, I've always been socially awkward due to poor  communication skills, especially when typing. Very bad and slow. Social networking was a failure and relpying to comments took me so much time that I couldn't become creative anymore. I eventually realized that I had to focus most of my attention on producing the music.  

Please don't misunderstand my inability to be interactive with you as not caring about my listeners. I truly appreciate you but this is the only way I can make this strange music for you to enjoy. I wash I could be more of a normal person but I just can't. It's the dyslexic curse but the curse is also a gift. Dyslexia is precisely what makes me do what I do and my music different than the norm.  

 Music is something we choose to share with  those who choose to listen.  It has such a powerful human to human connection and it's sparked by so many different things. There are some things we all naturally feel and relate to when we hear certain kinds of music.  I wish I had started making music long ago but now I have a lot of strong reasons to express myself in this way.  I'm young in many ways but my body is not and I've experienced many things in my life that have made me who I am now.  Let me share with you what I feel through my music. Not through lyrics or words but through pure musical expression inspired by life's experiences, human feelings and curiosity.

New listeners, please give my music a chance, it's all very different.  Don't judge the style only by only 1 or 2 tracks, I do many different styles and genres. Please explore! :)

Thanks!  Hope you enjoy!   Brent

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Circuitry and Soul - Not A Genre, A Journey!

Hans Zimmer says you must break the rules of music to move forward!  
Bjork says there are no rules to making music!
This freedom is a powerful option for a dyslexic music maker!  

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