Brent Berry Arts

Complete Control

Do we control technology or does it control us?
Humans have learned how to use the elements to make life easier and efficient
but can you become so dependant on it that it then controls you?

A while back, I had a problem with my computer and I was without it for a while. I realized just how dependant I have become on it and  decided to do something about our addiction to technology in our daily lives.  We have learned to use the elements for more control in our lives. The question is, who is in control???  I used a piece of natural slate that was formed from mud on the bottom a lake about 35 million years ago. I carved the face out of soft stone and used marbles for eyes, several circuit boards and natural stones, gems, crystals. petrified wood, pyrite, sea shell and a lot of polished peridot. I thought it would be easy but it took a while to get all the right stuff, lol.  I used watercolor on the slate and the face and covered both with a clear protective finish.  No, he doesn't speak or think, that's up to you!  It has a heavy leather tab on the back for hanging but you could frame it too.  I think it would look great in a box frame. The size of the slate is 16" X 13"  It is 1 1 3/4" from the back to the forehead.  Weight  3 1/2" pounds.  $220.    

Dyslexic Art