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 The Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace Hotel
"Denver 1892"

      This Brass Repoussé was made in 1990. At the time, the very thin brass that I used, was only available in 6" wide pieces, so I had to make the building in two pieces and then solder the two halves together.  The awnings and one of the cornerstones were made separately and soldered on. This piece took some time to finish as it was all hand made and each individual shape in the design was slowly and carefully hand tooled into the metal one at a time. Being hand made, it has some imperfections and few tiny discolored spots caused by small traces of soldering flux. They are sealed under the protective coating on the Brass but overall, they are not distracting.  The building is 14" tall and 12 1/4" wide. SOLD

My Repoussé work never bears my name, only my marks. I'm proud of my repousse but I think a name on this kind of artwork is too distracting. How the piece looks is more important than instant artist recognition.

Brown Palace Hotel 2

Brown Palace Hotel 3

Brown Palace
Photos of different stages of progress in making the Brown Palace Repoussé.  
If you make a mistake, it is permanent!  The metal is not forgiving at all.

Brown Palace Denver
The Brown Palace - Denver Colorado
Photo Oct. 2004 / Brent Berry

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