Kohlberg's Antiques

Kohlberg's Antiques, 429 17th Street in the 1960's - Manuel at his work-bench.
  Manuel Naranjo, the Silversmith and craftsman for Kohlberg's.  
Manuel was the brother of Anacita Naranjo, who was married to David Taliman, another very talented silversmith.  
He didn't always wear the head dress!  The photo was taken by my mom.

Manuel's workbench in some of his beautiful handmade jewelry is featured on the cover of the book,
The Native American Curio Trade in New Mexico, by author Jonathan Batkin.
This image of Manuel Naranjo's workbench, is from the cover of Jonathan Batkin's award winning book,
"The Native American Curio Trade in New Mexico"
Available here at Amazon

(The book may be out of print, but copies of it can be still found by searching the title.)

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