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Hannah Schneider
     Saved by music again!

  I've been listening to Denmark Radio for a couple years now, it's my favorite place to discover new music.  There is one particular artist / singer who's music has repeatedly captured my attention with her truly amazing voice, musical understanding, skills and her creativity.  Hannah Schneider from Denmark.  She is so good!  I love the way her songs vary in mood and style, and even better, her voice and singing style changes with the mood of each different song.  She doesn't even sound like the same girl in some of her songs!   I love that!  Hannah's music is enjoyable and inspiring.  Most of her music feels very personal and  it's uncanny how beautifully her words express so many familiar feelings.  There's so much I'd like to say about Hannah Schneider's music but it would be better for you to simply listen to her.

 The young lady is a musical treasure!  Well, that's my opinion.  Decide for yourself!   Her website, HERE has all the info you'll need to discover her incredible music.
Here are a couple of my favorite videos of Hannah Schneider and friends making music.  

Hannah Schneider -  In The Line Of Fire - Køkken Session
Hannah Schneider - For The Trees - Live

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