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 I only link to websites that I personally like and that I want to share for a meaningful reason.  

Even though my artwork covers many subjects, this website is mainly about art, music and creative expression.  

 Art - Music & Artist Links

Freeware fractal flame editor for Windows.  An amazing program for creating fractal art, backgrounds etc.
Lina Hansson is a creative photographer in Sweden. She's also an Illustrator, Graphician, Designer and Webmaster for  Her photography is original and fascinating!  Take a look!

Marie is a creative photographer and surreal artist in France. She has an very unique variety of original works and an interesting way of expressing herself.  Check out her gallery at deviantART,  

Graphic designer and illustrator, Don Henderson's Gallery at Deviant Art.  Don's art is mostly what I might call Military Americana. Military Aircraft, Nose art, Girly Art, US service men and women, Units, History, Classic Cars, and much more, all are done in various classic styles of American ads and posters of the past. He is really good at it!   Check it out!

Pat's work is extremely high quality!  she is knowledgeable and very skilled at what she does!  You won't be disappointed!!!

Forget Their World... Create Your Own!   Fantastic digital art by Josh DeHaan.  Lots of free Wallpapers, Design services, Banners and much more!  This guy is busy and productive! Very Impressive art! Take a look!

 GALINA - Music For The Soul  
Unique, Original, Sensual, Mysterious, Captivating, Satisfying, Therapeutic and Inspiring!
No words can describe the beauty of her music. It must be heard! Give her a listen!!!

Free MP3s, CDs, and MP3 Albums. Visit the Listening Room for Smooth Jazz, Ambient, Acid Jazz, Instrumental Pop, Instrumental Rock, Techno, New Age, Electronica... Also, the electronic sounds of KLORTON!
And "Whisper of Fall" by the group DRIVE THE CITY.

 Presonus and Native Instruments -  creators of amazing products and music relates software.   
Real magic at your fingertips!

CD Baby -  A great way for musicians to offer their music out to the world, have CDs made, sync licensing opportunities and more.  They make it easy and affordable!   If you buy music from CD Baby,  you're buying directly from the artist.

Broadjam - A great site for musicians to sell their music and a place to directly get started in sync licensing music for TV, Film, etc.  Broadjam helps musicians and bands promote their music online.

Bjork / Björk Related Links

Björk's official website in Reykjavik Iceland, All her music, images, gigography, forums, news, info, links and more.

For The Love of Björk  Great Bjork site with a different approach, info, Photos, Wallpaper, Icons, Fan Art, Links and more.

Panu Ranta's Bjork Page Nice Finnish site with Bjork info and Bjork images.  A new image every week.

Always on the run  A  French site with an amazing collection of lyrics, including Björk Lyrics!.
Bjorkzine  Writer Mark Burbey's excellent Bjork site and blog, news, interviews, info and hundreds of photos and more!

The Neverending Björk Experiment  A new site dedicated to Bjork, Great photos, info, links and more, still growing!

 Other Links

KIm Allen -  Denver Photo Archives   A great website by a Dnver native that photographically archives much of Denver's unique historical past scenery and architecture in the 1980's and 90's.  A good site for anyone interested in old time Denver Colorado and the way things were back before everything changed. Lots of photos, facts and memories about my favorite city, Denver!

Full Moon Info  A site dedicated to the full moon and the people who are looking for magic.  An excellent site!!!

The Incident An outstanding website inspired by and dedicated to the 1991 movie "The Incident" .Written by James and Michael Norell, and was directed by Joseph Sargent. The movie stars Robert Carradine, Peter Firth, Walter Matthau, Harry Morgan, William Schallert and Norbert Weisser.  An excellent movie and this site does it justice with lots of information and photos.  You have to see the movie too.  This site also has a great section about German POWs in America during and after World War II . Check it out!

HEX Magazine   HEX is a bi-annual publication and an online community giving voice to radical traditionalists and the modern heathen household. We are here to serve those who honor the indigenous traditions and beliefs of European people. In a world driven by consumerism, globalization, and the homogenization of cultures, this magazine strives to bring our focus back to the evident truths of the seasonal cycles, the folkways & rites of our ancestors, earth stewardship, self-sufficiency, and sustainable living. By making old world knowledge and wisdom available for use in our everyday lives, we aspire to bring continuity to the present and hope to our future generations. HAIL!

Alphabet of Mystery  Runic History, Elder Futhark runes. and much more,  Check out this site!  

El Drakkar  Manuel Velasco's Viking Blog in Spain. Nice page!!   Also see

Great resource for books, links and info related to ghosts, haunted houses and hauntings.

Hamilton Turner Inn - Savannah Georgia
A fine bed and breakfast in a beautiful and historic mansion. Experience the mansion yourself!

A haunted house in Trinidad that I lived in as a child.


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