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What if ?

Population control
Population Control

After the recent reduction, the chosen have much more room.
The rest of the world is silent now, done by the plan of doom.
They've always known they were chosen so they had to find a way.
Now that its done, they can peacefully live in the cities where they stay.
They live in a world they made for themselves and from it they cannot run.
They dare not wander beyond the red gates, it reminds them of what they've done.
Most of the land is evenly covered with vast expanses of gray.
A  silent reminder of all the masses who died to pave the way
Billions of souls gone from the Earth while a few were allowed to survive.
This is the price that the people must pay so the chosen can stay alive.
No hustle or bustle, pollution or waste, no homeless in the street.
They have the world all to themselves but the prize is bittersweet.
The air is clean, the water pure, the world seems so serene.
The Earth is better in so many ways but humans are rarely seen.

I know this will seem creepy to some but I think about these kind of subjects and I have to express my thoughts.
 There are many people who do believe the human race should be reduced in numbers.
How would they decide who would live or die and how would they go about the task?
 Flu shots?  Poison laced contrails?   Allowing modern world war to unfold?

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