Brent Berry Arts

My repousse marks

 I'm proud of my metalwork but I want these pieces to look very similar to ancient original works. I think a modern name on them would be too distracting.  How the piece looks artistically is more important to me than instant artist recognition.  That's why I use hallmark style marks. I do usually add my Name and date on the back or elsewhere  though.

 I did my first repousse pieces in 1989, they were either embossed or engraved with my initials in Russian style letters, an art  number and a 2 digit date for 89 and early 90.   In Nov. 1990 I started marking each finished piece with a small crown.  I made some small unique stamps to use as a year marks. I use these single and in combination for the year stamps.  Most of my early repousse was done in 1989, 90 and 91.  I did very little metal work from 1991 to 2004 when I became inspired again.

Some examples of the marks.






 Art  Numbers
In 1987 I began assigning a number to each original piece.   All paintings, drawings, mixed media and repousse pieces get a number.  
I log the numbers in a book with the date, title and a brief description of each piece.  
People sometimes mistake these numbers for a limited edition number!   Not so!

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