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Nordic Guidance
Brass repousse of a vegvisir (Viking compass) embraced with knotwork.

 The Brass is 6" wide, mounted on a piece of Poplar, wood size 11 1/4" X 11 1/4" SOLD

The vegvisir has become an important symbol to me as it represents an important change of direction in my life.
The Viking compass reminds me to stay on coarse in life but to also follow my instinct, to remember that doing artwork and making things is my purpose in life and to never give it up.  It also stands for the person who was responsible for making me want to do art again.  It is being grateful that inspires me to do this kind of work. It's just something that can't be said with words, at least not by me!  


I have a little Nordic blood so I've always felt a strong connection to my Danish ancestors and the Scandinavian world.  in the early 80s I got a Viking ship tattooed on my upper left arm.  it's not a fancy artistic tattoo, just a basic side view of a Viking Longboat.  The tattoo this a symbol to me. a reminder to me of my Nordic roots.  

When I first saw Bjork (on TV), I saw that she had a Nordic looking symbol tattooed on her upper left arm, it just jumped rightout at me!  I didn't know what the symbol was but I knew it was Nordic.   There was just something about that tattoo that got my attention.  As I watched her for the first time that night on just the ending part of a TV program, something about her seemed strangely familiar to me, which didn't make sense because there was nothing about her that was familiar at all.  Quite the opposite actually!   But somehow that symbol on her arm seemed like it was a sign that was telling me to pay attention!     I did pay attention and it ended up changing my life, possibly saving my life.  

 To make a long story short, she may have actually saved my life by pulling me out of the depressed state I had been in for over 6 years after being sick from a chemotherapy overdose in 1996.  Art had always been a part of my life but my inspiration and creativity had died during that awful time of my life and nothing could seem to bring it back. 6 years after the treatments, I was still feeling the after effects of the chemo and fighting to survive the same monster that had killed my mom. This was happening at the same time that my dad was also dying from cancer.  It was impossible for me to be positive as I knew the end could be near for me too. I couldn't not escape the fear or get it out of my mind.  I desperately needed to get back to doing my art because it would serve as therapy and I knew it could help distract me from my worries, help me stay positive and increase my chances to survive.  

 Bjork and her music made that happen! I realized just how different she was from the norm and that she was willing to take chances to do follow her instinct in order to do what she does.  She breaks all the rules yet creates something so much even better than rules would ever allow.  She made it clear to me that there really are no rules in art!  Her music wasn't like the music I had always liked but when I saw her and heard her music, I was immediately effected,  I felt like my soul was being restored simply by the positive energy that she emitsin everything she does.  Her creative and unique music went straight into my heart and started a healing process within me!   I also felt so embarrassed that I had not been making anything for such a long time and she somehow was giving me the motivation and permission that I desperately needed.  It was Bjork who made me start doing my art again and it helped me free my mind from the grips of darkness that I had been under for so long.  She inspired me and influenced me and I believe she helped me stay alive by stirring these feelings inside me which was just what I needed!  If not for her I may not be here today!  I'm doing so much better now and I am a survivor!!! :-)  

  This symbol, (the vegvisir) in this piece symbolizes Bjork and the direction she's helped me find through inspiration.  The knotwork or vine embracing the vegvisir symbolizes me carefully holding on to the Viking direction finder and staying on coarse, thus the title "Nordic Guidance"    Music can save lives!!!    Thank you Bjork!

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There is new research and information about the Vegvisir and other symbols and runes.
  HERE on Justin Foster's excellent page.
 Lot's of new info there!!!  A must see for anyone interested this mysterious symbol.

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