Brent Berry Arts

     Stone of blood by Brent Berry

The Stone of Blood

   Brass repousse of a woman praising the Bloodstone (Hematite). The Bloodstone is 250 mm wide and has a small flaw in the surface but it gives it character.  
The repousse piece is mounted under an etched Brass frame and that is mounted on wood.
The overall size is 7" X 9 3/8" by 7/8" thick. SOLD

The name Hematite comes from the Greek word for "blood haimo".  It is the main ore of iron and when it's ground into a powder, it is the color of blood.
The ancient Egyptians used Hematite to make magical amulets and to treat hysteria, they also put it in the tombs.
Ancient Roman soldiers wore Hematite into battles as a protective stone.  
Hematite is also called "the stone of mental mastery" said to have the ability to transform negativity into love, enhance memory, sharpen wit and inspire inner life. I've read that passages from the Egyptian Book of the Dead were written with an inscription stone made of Hematite.  
Just recently NASA's rover discovered small spheres on the surface of Mars. They believed they are made of hematite! The spheres very are small and are believed to be rock deposits as a resulting from water billions of years ago.  

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