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Thor's Hammer

Mjölnir  -  Thor's Hammer

 Mjölnir (Viking symbol of Thor's Hammer) Hand embossed in brass 8 .25" tall, 6" wide. mounted on a piece of natural slate, 12 inches tall with a tab on the back for wall hanging. This is my own design but it was strongly influenced by known original Viking knotwork styles.

Thor is the Norse god of thunder and the defender of Asgard.  The original Mjölnir or Mjollnir (Thor's  hammer) was made by Sindri and Brokk the dwarfs brothers.  A symbol of Thor's strength, Thor's Hammer is the most powerful Norse weapon.   SOLD

This Thor's Hammer was featured with a story by Arrowyn Craban
 in the March 2010 issue of HEX Magazine. Harvest issue 6

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