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Whisper from the grave - EVP

Whisper from the grave
Inspired by the subject of EVP.   The term EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena, refers to mysterious unknown voices found on magnetic tapes and digital recordings.  People who research EVP say they seem have better results in locations that were associated with high emotions, pain, sorrow, death, etc. Locations like cemeteries, schools, old prisons and so on. Many speculate that they are voices of the dead. I've heard some of the recordings and they're pretty interesting. Some of these voices are faint and hard to understand while others are pretty clear. Strange stuff!
The face and tombstone in this image are from photos I took in an old cemetery.

To listen to EVP recordings, visit the website of GIS (Ghost Investigators Society)
GIS is a nonprofit organization. They are not selling anything, they simply investigate and report what they find.

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